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Oct 10, 2021

Money is stressful!
Don’t worry the big stuff
Dealing with money is stressful, until you recognize the excitement of budgeting. Budgeting your money relieves stress, because you don’t worry about having the money to pay a bill – it’s already there. It helps you plan for future big-ticket items like a new car or vacation. If money problems are constantly stressing you out, budgeting is the answer!

Finding An Answer
Be the commander
Creating and following a budget puts you in command of your money, because you make the rules, instead of money dictating your life! A budget keeps track of money and everything it needs to do for you. “Can I afford it?” becomes a question you answer instantly! Doing the work to create and maintain that budget may seem boring at first. But the payoff is exciting, especially when it comes to planning for things like a dream vacation. Budgeting is preparing for your best life!

A Dream with a Plan
Creating your best life
Budgeting leads to debt-freedom, resulting in bigger and better choices. The ability to stay home with your kids, pay cash for a car, pay off your home – can be accomplished with a budget! If dreaming and planning for the future is exciting, then you already understand the excitement of budgeting!

Do the Math!
Finding Hope
If you believe your situation is hopeless, do the math to prove it! Math doesn’t lie – and you might find that the reality of your situation is completely different. Create your financial picture to visualize where you truly stand, then use that information to create a budget that can help you hit any financial goal! Think it will take forever to pay off your debt? Use this calculator to find the truth – how small change really does make a big difference!

Take The First Step
It’s easy with the right information
Change is within your grasp, all you need to do is take the first step and create your financial picture. Once you can see where you are, it’s easy to see where you’re going. Brace yourself for the excitement of budgeting, because once you get, your life will change – forever. Reach out to “CentsAble” Bobbi for help, tips or advice.